Second Life, The True Story of Slavegirl “T”

Second Life, The True Story of  Slavegirl “T”
    This is the true story of a 2nd life slavegirl and how she almost lost herself in the game what she gained and lost and how she was redeemed. The names have been changed in order to protect the privacy of all those involved. If you happen to guess any of them please do not share as this girl wishes for her privacy and her friend’s privacy not to be violated. Some information has been left out in order to protect herself and others private SL and RL, she did in no way intend to leave anyone out.
 Chapter One: A new life.
          Every story needs to start somewhere and this story starts out on a whim……One day the author of “t” decided for some strange reason, a reason she cannot explain, to download and install the game second life. So T downloads this game and starts playing, she tried to pick her name carefully, so it had meaning to her but it didn’t turn out sounding as nice as she wanted, but, she kept the name because she didn’t know anything about the game and she didn’t even know if she would keep playing it.
    Well she picked her name and started playing the game, she went to the welcome center. She rezzed at the welcome center and seen alot of people there. She was still trying to figure out what she was doing and quite frankly why she was playing to begin with.
    After alot of trial and error she figured out the basics and teleported out of the welcome area. She knew she enjoyed D/s and decided to find someplace she could live her fantasies in her 2nd life that she could not live in real life….she had decided to become a slavegirl.
    Well she started running around as a slavegirl finding some interesting sounding places using the seach function. What she didn’t realize was that she didn’t look so good and one day a nice woman who actually talked to her, up to know she had little luck in finding anyone but other newbs that would play and she had no idea on how to find an owner.
    Well this nice lady spent several hours with her and gave her some pointers, where to go find freebies where to find playmates, how to stop the typing animations and much much more. T had alot more to learn but she was off and after about 2 weeks on second life the new T was born. First she went and got freebee items as she had no account yet and still wasn’t sure if she’d stay. Then she started to change her looks and grew more beautiful with each passing day. Then she finally got an account and placed a modest amount of Lindens in it.

Chapter Two: A new look
    Well T had been in second life almost three weeks now, she had new clothes, new hair and a new style…. she started finding good places to go shop, play and hang out, but she still did not have an owner. She was still just teleporting in and out of places and never staying long……
    One day she was at a popular place to find Doms, a very laggy place and she didn’t much care for it, but she did end up talking to a dom that mentioned a place, a good place with Restrained Life. T didn’t know what that was but she went there anyway. T found a nice place, a place full of toys and cages, a place she could finally start living out her fantasies. T started playing more and more at this place and from this place she found other places and she eagerly added them to her growing collection of landmarks.
    Then she decided one day to download and run the Restrained Life Viewer or RLV. She downloaded this viewer and eagerly jumped into the game and went to her wonderful place. She begged a stranger to lock her into a cage and they did, then they promptly left. T tried to “sit out” and “TP” out of this cage, these were tricks she had learned to use before by trial and error only this time her tricks did not work.
    T spent at least an hour locked up helplessly in that cage the first time, she even relogged but found herself still locked into it. Finally a girl walked by, a girl named Lisa, T begged Lisa to let her out of the cage….she did after asking how T got locked in it to begin with. Lisa become one of T’s first friends….. they didn’t play bondage games together but Lisa was always ready to answer questions and help T out.

Chapter Three: More Changes:

    T went and bought the serious shackles becuse she seen a girl wearing them and asked about them. She went and bought some herself and tried them out, she loved them but quickly found out that if you run around with keys in your shackles that someone will take them from you and leave you stuck. The first time that happened Lisa had to loan T her ballgag to get a real key so she could free her. T quickly found out to lock the shackles on herself unless she was playing, but she still had a few close calls and also learned that not everybody in Second Life was nice.
    By this time T had been in the game for at least a month and although she was still new she seen that others looked much better than she did and she again went shopping and redid her look. She settled on one color of hair and applied some final touches to her av, or so she thought.
    Chapter Four: Pandora’s Box and Roleplaying
    T by now had decided that she wanted to play but she also wanted to roleplay more and went to pandora’s box prison. Now during the course of this story T will not give out most locations but in some cases, such as Pandora’s Box T feels that she has no choice and given the number of people that go there she feels fairly safe to talk about it.
    T went there at least four times before she was finally allowed in. She met a pandoras keeper and was promptly taken and given cuffs to wear. After much trial and error (for a process that seems easy now) T finally had the cuffs on and was taken naked and thrust into a cell being told she would have to kneel and beg nice if she wanted any freedom at all.
    T was then let out of the cell and walked around checking the place out. There were ALOT of prisoners there but only one or two keepers. T knelt as she was instructed to do and listened and learned more about roleplay, begging to be locked in her cell when she logged off and begging to be let out of her cell when she logged on.
    One day T logged on and found herself outside naked in her cuffs. She had no idea what heppend and paniced and RAN back to Pandoras begging to be let inside. Ts roleplaying had finally begun as the keeper on duty kept talking about the escaped slave…..T wasn’t told this was roleplay and panicked more which the keeper seemed to enjoy…..
    T quickly caught on that this was part of the game and she herself started roleplaying when logged on and locked at Pandoras….. This quickly started turning on Ts author in RL and the more her author was turned on the more she roleplayed. One day a pandoras keeper decided to take T and another girl to the playroom…now T didn’t even know that there was a playroom, she was still a bit new but had come along ways by now……
    Chapter Five Roleplaying and Embarrasment
        T and this other girl were taken to a private area at Pandoras…..T was locked up and had to watch this other girl…Sandra, play with the Mistress and EMOTE……now up until now little T wasn’t very good at EMOTING but she watched the screen in facination as this Mistress used Sandra!!!!
    Soon it was T’s turn to play with the Mistress while Sandra watched…..The Mistress used T very well, so well in fact that T’s author blushed in real life……T was becoming an addict of Second Life. But at the same time she was so ashamed at what she had done that when her PC froze in real life and threw her out of the game she didn’t log back on until the next day.
     When T did log back on the feeling she had were mixed, i mean she had played in Real Life before of course and SL was not real life so what was the problem she thought? For some reason the scene has embarrased her and turned her on both….. T at that point snuck back into pandora’s but it wasn’t the same, to many subs and not enough doms…..T was addicted to this strange new feeling she felt, she needed more. 
    T decided at that point to escape pandoras and escape she did, walking out when the door opened next, no one even noticed. T wandered around 2nd Life some more playing here and there but that elusive feeling THAT…..THAT thing, she felt, the thing stirring up inside of her, whatever it was it did not come back.
    T tried another prison on Second Life, going as far as paying to be locked up there. Locked up she was and pretty much ignored, she found a way to sneak in and out of the prison even though it was suppose to be a RLV one and she found herself just sleeping there and nothing more. She finally decided to leave for good again so she finally escape one last time. 
Chapter Six: Lady Kudu and Gor

    T was chatting offline on her yahoo account one day with her friend, we will call her Lady Kudu. The lady was very knowledgeable in all things Gor and had experience far beyond what most people could ever imagine. This friend of T’s was telling her that she to had an av in second life and a place there and that T should come visit sometime.
    T was given the landmark to her friends place and the first evening she visited she seen someone and immediately “popped out” and went elsewhere. The very next day T went back and was looking around, T’s friend had built all of this and was very good at it. T was about to leave when she seen someone, she seen Lady Kudu and immediately went over to her.
    The lady did not reconize T at first but after they talked a bit she knew exactly who it was, the lady was gracious enough to give T  her very first real slave lessen, one T still remembers to this day, that was how to properly greet a free man and woman and to kneel. She even gave T a couple of papers on slave etiquite in Gor and a tower kneeling AO.
    T started this simple AO and knelt in front of Lady Kudu. They talked,they chatted, hell they knew each other in the real world…..but they didn’t know each other very well there. Before to long a friendship was made stronger and within days T had knelt in front of the Lady and begged her collar.     
    The lady accepted T’s collar and started her training in the Gorean lifestyle. T was to be a WHITE SILK slave and the Lady shortend T’s longer name to just “T” a name that sticks with her to this day. The lady was a master at the mindfuck and even without playing directly with her friend she even had T calling her Mistress in yahoo chat.  Only God knows what would have happend had they seen each other at the local grocery store……T probably would have towered in front of everyone.
    The Lady said T needed more training and she made T wear a punish this slave sign and run around Second Life, which T did sending her Miss a picture of her punished. Lady Kudu at that time decided to train her further. T had already bought a cage the lady allowed T to live in at the back of her place and T was gratefull for the prims and felt good that she finally had a Mistress and a home.
    T’s Mistress worked hard building and most of the time T was left to her own devices, for whatever reason Lady Kudu rarely used her slave and gave her alot of free reign, the lady was very busy and decided one day that T was to visit a friend of hers, a former slave, Lady Cheer.
    T went to Lady Cheer and was asked what a slave’s role was, T knew the answer “Absolute Obiediance and Exquisite Beauty” the problem was T said she did not think she herself was beautiful……T was tortured for that and hung upside down without her hair. 
    The next day when T logged on she had to call Lady Cheer, the lady gave T work to do and things she had to say and things she had to log. Lady Cheer also took away Ts right to speak like a human and T had to talk like an animal only….T’s pleas both online and off to her Miss was ignored.

 Chapter Seven T’s Basic’s of Gorean Training:
  This is the actual guides given to T i cannot take credit for writing this, i don’t know who did, whoever you are thank you:
  Your entrances are the first impression that anyone has of you as a slave. We all know the lasting effect that first impressions can have on an individual, it is imperitive that a slave is able to enter and exit perfectly.

There are various positions for slaves, depending on situation and the will of the Free. The two most common positions are nadu and tower.

TOWER is the position of the unopened slave girl, typically called a whitesilk. Until you are permitted a whitesilk/redsilk designation, you will tower. In this postion a girl kneels, her heels under her buttocks, her knees and thighs together.  Her wrists may be crossed in the front for easier binding.

NADU is the position of the pleasure slave, a girl opened by a Master, typically called a redsilk. In this position, the girl also kneels with her heels under her rump, but her thighs are opened, displaying her heat and beauty to the free. Her hands lay on her thighs, palms up, indicating her submission.


*Under no circumstances is a slave to Greet a Free by their name. It shows utter disrespect and could very well get you killed.*

1) If your Master is present, you would greet him in the manner of his choosing, he being the most important person in your world, the one upon who your very existance depends.  Typically, “Greetings, my Master.”  If he is not present, or you are not privately owned skip to step 2.  ( This is also the case if you are owned by a Mistress.)

2) If the Ubar of Tarnburg is present, you would greet him seperately from all others. He is the head of state and commands the respect that is due him. You would greet Him, “Greetings, Ubar.”

3) Gor is a Man’s world, a fact that should be omnipresent in your mind, at any gathering of Free, the Men should always be greeted first. The proper address would be “Greetings, Masters.”

4) Free Women are only free through the favor of Free Men, they should be greeted in accordance with that tradition. They are always to be greeted after any Masters present. “Greetings, Mistresses.”

5) Although in the books, everyday interactions between panthers and slaves was not a common occurence, SL Gor presents us with different circumstances. Although technically not Free, having given up that right when they left the roles Gorean society impressed upon them, Panther girls are fully armed outlaws who can hurt or kill a slave. Respect and caution should be shown to them.  The proper address for panthers is either “Greetings, Mistress.” or “Greetings, Huntress.”

6) Lastly you would greet your fellow slaves as, “Greetings, sisters.” and “Greetings, brothers.”  You are all bound by the steel you wear around your neck, you are all of the same rank.


The proper way for a slave to request information, punishment, etc, is to beg. A slave does not demand, a slave does not ask as slaves are not to question. You do not give an order. “This girl begs to know if she might be of service, Master?” “This girl begs your favor, Master, she will not behave that way again, she thanks you for finding her worthy of correction.”


In order to leave, whether it be for the night to log off, or to pursue another task, a slave always begs permission from the Free around her to be excused. Keeping in mind the order of greeting, you would beg permission based on the Free around you. “Masters, this girl beg permission to be excused to kennel.” “Ubar, may this one be excused, if it pleases You?” “Mistress, may this girl continue on her errand?”

Once granted permission, in the same order as greeting, you would convey well wishes to the Free and slaves around you. A slave must be careful in this regard not to give an order. “Good night, Master.” can be construed as an order, the Master may not wish to have a good night. The proper form would be, “This girl wishes you a good night, Master.” The most simple and straightforward closing is simply, “Well wishes, Master.” It is common for slaves to convey farewells upon other slaves such as, “Serve with fire, sisters.”

Chapter Eight T’s Basic’s of Gorean Training:
    This is the actual guides given to T again i cannot take credit for writing this, i don’t know who did, whoever you are thank you:


A common place that a slave finds herself is in a tavern serving a Master, or a teahouse serving a Mistress. If you walk into one, be prepared to serve, indeed you should beg to know how you may serve immediatly after greeting. Serving in a tavern can be a creative and rewarding experience for a slave, it is your chance to shine, it is up to you whether your serves be simple and merely passable or exciting and pleasing.


There are various drinks available on Gor. It is your duty to learn them.

The basic steps to a drink serve are as follows: 
1) Beg the order. Listen carefully to the order, ask any pertinent questions, eg “Would Master prefer warm or cold paga?”  Repeat the order, “Yes Master, cold sul-paga, this girl will bring Your drink directly.”

2) Go to the kitchen, also called a servery at times, choose the appropriate vessel. Inspect it for imperfections, then clean it with a rep cloth.

3) Obtain other implements as necessary, ie kettles, spoons, etc, depending on the drink ordered.

4) Obtain the actual beverage. Bottles and botas should be brought to their feet to be corked there, kegged drinks should be filled at the kegs, for obvious reasons.

5) Take the vessel and beverage to the feet of the Free. Kneel and begin your serve.

6) Cork and pour the drink if not already done so at the keg. You should cork the bottle with your teeth.

7) Kiss the side of the cup, a slave’s lips must never touch the rim.  NOTE:  There are other steps in the presentation, commonly used online, such as touching the cup to your breast and belly. There is no evidence of these steps in the books but can still be used.

8) Presenting the drink. You hold the drink up to Him, lowering your head submissively, your repeat his order and make a wish for his pleasure, ie “this girl brings you cold sul-paga Master, she hopes that you find your drink and the slave who prepared it, pleasing.”

9) Thank the Free for the opportunity to serve.

Serving food is similar to serving drinks except you would actually describe preparing the food you serve. Many Gorean foods are similar to Earth foods so you would simply visualize cooking you see everyday. …If you don’t cook their is always the Food Network. 

Simple foods, such as bread, cheese, fruits and vegetables, should always be on hand in a kitchen, you need only to prepare the plate. Do not forget the details, such as utensils, moistened rep cloths for wiping hands and mouths, etc. As with a drink serve you would take the tray to the feet of the Free you serve and present it. From there the rp will go in the way which most pleases the Free you serve. Perhaps you will feed him, or he will feed himself. It is also not uncommon for a Free to offer you food.

Chapter Nine T’s Gorean  Training continued

    T has saved her work, this is the actual transcripts of what t had to write when she was being trained by the kennel Mistress Cheer:
    A slaves Punishment….. this was when T wasn’t allowed to use human speech and was being punished:

    as a slave tried grabbing she slipped but was lucky and she reached out with her arm and broke her fall. the Vulo it squeeled and slipped from the slaves fingers and clucking ran away. the slave dove for the vulo scraping her arm once more but the vulo being very fast once again escaped the slaves grasp.
    the slave lunged for the vulo this time grabbing it by a leg and reaching to get a good grip. the vulo squirmed around but the slave held on tightly as she kneeled with the bird between her legs and reached into the bucket and grabbed a rag and stated to scrub the vulo, a slave was very carefull with the vulo humming a soft melody to it so as to calm the bird down. Once slave had the bird sqeeky clean she slowly dried her off and let her loose, the vulo clucked and ran off, seeminly hapy to be clean.
    The slave crawled on all fours wincing a bit at the rough stone. Her nose twitched as the smell from the Bosk reached her nose. Whincing her nose up and trying to breath through her mouth as much as possible the slave grabbed the brush and in long strokes started moving hand across the bosks hide while making calming noises at the beast, the bosk seemed to enjoy the brushing and continued to chew on its cud while the slave brushed its coat. The slave had to go over the bosks coat several time in order to get out all the knots, she would brush the beast with one hand and use her other hand to pet the animal behined the brush…..the slave hurried along in her work the sweat dripping of off of her body.
    she was still breathing through her mouth because of the smell and decided that she would clean the pen next. she figured that with the pen clean that the smell wouldnt be so bad and she thought she could scoop up the beasts droppings with armfulls of straw, thereby getting as little on herself as possible. The slave finally finished her chore of brushing the bosk and starts using her hands to push all of the straw and droppings into a big pile…….her idea of using the straw to keep the discusting poo off her hands worked  pretty well, she still got a bit on her hands.
    the slave grabbed armfulls of straw and dung and hauled it away to the designated spot for such stuff. It would probabbly be used for fertilizer eventually the slave thought. she made many trips back and forth to clean the pens of the waste. she made sure she was very throughal as not to upset her Mistress any further. she would grab an armfull and then get up and walk away as fast as she could keeping her eyes lowered toward the ground all the while. After many many trips the pen was now emtied of waste.
    the girl stunk a bit and was sweating and very tired but she knew she must obey her Mistress with Absolute Obediance and exquisite beauty. the slave then started to place the fresh hay around the pens, spreading it around with her hands walking around each end of the pens to make sure the hay was spread smoothly as possible *achoo* the slave sneezed as the straw was sticking to her body due to the stink and sweat of the girl.
    Finally the slave was done spreading the straw and washed her hands in the dirty mop water and grabbed the clean bucket and utensils needed in order to milk the beast.  the slave knelt in tower by the beasts teats and started to gently squeeze the tweats in a milking motion the white milk slowly squirting into the can. The slave didnt mind this chore as kneeling in one place didnt seem to hurt her her knees as much as crawling around…… was going well the slave thought as the milk continued to fill the pail.
    the slave purred to herself quietly being very carefull not to actually speak any words….After what seemed like ages the slave finally had the Bosk milked and carefully, using both hands and carrying the pail between her legs hunched over a bit, slave sees the ubar and swiftly kneels with her head down, at her Mistress’ command she recites the words her Mistress taught her earlier.” This girl offers Greetings, (Master/Mistress) this girl is to be treated as a beast until further notice from the kennel Mistress Cheer or her personal Mistress may she be of service”
     Finally finished with her chores, hoping that Mistress will be pleased and stinking of animals and the pens a slave is commanded to follow her Mistress, a slave crawls across the open ground on her hands and knees following her Mistress…….
Chapter Ten The Next Day

    the girl was worried today after she found out that the city had been raided, how scary she thought……She did as her Mistress bade her saying those humiliating words again to her Mistress and then only grunting like the animal she was……she grunted in her Mistresses direction to indicate that she would be absolute obediant and exsiitly beautiful and hoping to be of service to her Mistress. Mistress smiled at her telling her that she was a good girl and that she may use human speach…..”ThThank yyou MMistress” the slave said,
     it being the first real words she had spoken in days….. She was commanded by her Mistress to weed the garden out back until commanded otherwise. Slave happily crawled to the door then bounced up onto the balls of her feet almost running to the garden to weed. Even though some of the weeds stung her hands she went about happily with her chores humming a little song as she worked…..she talked to the plants as she weeded and watered them hearing one time from a slave whos father use to be a farmer before dieing protecting the farm that it was good  for the plants.
    The slave girl shooed away some kind of flying bug that was buzzing around and being extra careful when the bees buzzed by. The slave worked for what seemed like hours but was probably not on the plants and the garden, stopping to admire the beauty of the plants and smelling a few along the way. The slave hoped that she was learning from her new Mistress as she wanted to please her well as she knew that the Kennel Mistress would report back to her own Mistress and the slave wanted to bring honor to her as much as possible.
    The girl looked forward to more chores such as this one as she had the chance to clean herself up a bit also from yesterdays chores that made her smell so bad…..
The slave waited for the return of her Mistress and her next chores, hoping that tonight she would be allowed to sleep on the floor or in one of the cages instead of being chained to the post. The slave knew that only by being Absolutly Obediant to her Mistress that this would happen though

Chapter Eleven Gorean training the next day.

    The next day Ts training went a bit better, it seemed that T was learning her lessons and humility well as well as what life as a Gorean slave would be like. Today her Mistress give her an order to clean the fountain. T did a great job the day before and was again allowed to speak as a human.

    the slave wakes up to find a City Guard in the rooms…….” A girl Offers Greetings Master” she says……”Greetings Girl” the Guard tells her…….
    The guard asks if the girl was looking for the slavers but the girl explained that the Kennel Mistress was training her for her own Mistress. The guard was kind and sent for the Kennel Mistress who soon arrived.
     The slave was then taken into a courtyard and told to pull the dead leaves from the fountain and polish it up……after climbing the tree and getting all the leaves she  could reach the Kennel Mistress walks telling the slave what are you doing up in the tree, I want the fountain polished she says sternly.
    The slave climbs out of the tree and despite the scratches soon finds herself wet after slipping into the fountain *SPLASH* the slave falls into the fountain and after a second realizes how funny that must have looked…….
    well I stink of animals and sweat anyway the girl thinks and happily starts gathering up all the dead leaves from the fountain putting them carefully onto the ground into a pile…. After gathering up all the leaves and happy that she is now fairly clean the girl takes the dead leaves to the refuse pile and places them with the others that are already there.
    The slave gathers the bucket and rags and starts cleaning the fountain from the top down……..this time the girl is more careful as she doesnt want to slpi and fall into the fountain again……her ass is still sore from the first fall and she ignores the dull throb and reaches as far as she can and starts polisheing the beautiful stone……
    after working at the top of the fountain all the way around it the girl starts on the middle part of the fountain….there are several places here that the girl scrubs with all her might in order to get the tarnish off of the fountain……after working for another hour on the middle part of the fountain the slave is satisfied with her work as she can she her reflection…Smiling the slave polishes the inside of the fountain enjoying the refreshing water as she scrubs and cleans the inside of the fountain….
    After she has the inside clean the girl, using the bucket and rag starts the process of cleaning the outside of the fountain all the way around the bottom…..This part is very dirty and it takes the girl alot longer to scrub the fountain and make it shine but make it shine she does……
    The girl enjoys her work tonight and hopes the Kennel Mistress will be pleased with her…..the opportunity of FREE TIME for a slave doesnt come very often and the girl wishes to do a good job for the Kennel Mistress…..The girl misses her own Mistress and wishes she would at least come see her and see how far she has come in a few short days but hopes to please her by learning as much as she can in order to serve her better if and when she does return.
    Finally done with the fountain the girl empties the dirty water in the sewers and cleans out the bucket.She is carefull to place the items she used in the exact position they were in when she got them from the garden shed. Happy that the fountain was done she presents herself before the Kennel Mistress for her inspection….

Chapter Twelve  A Raid and cheating

    After T was finished with her chores she reported to the kennel Mistress. The kennel Mistress was ahppy with the girl but very busy as well as the city had been raided. She sent T upstairs to sleep & wait for her.         
    Now T was getting better and better with each passing day with roleplaying and emoting. She was happy as she went up into the loft but startled to find a man there. T offered the standard Gorean greeting but her eyes gre wide as the man pounced on her and attempted to steal her from the kennel Mistress.
    Now T was getting pretty good at roleplay on one hand but she was still a whitesilk slavgirl to her Mistress on another. T was told that she was not to allow herself be captured for any reason and was to escape by any means possible.    
    T waited as she went with the strange Master until he slipped up in his emoteing…. She the Emoted that she bit his hand and ran, screaming from him to the kennel Mistress. The man was furious and kept telling her in open chat and IMs that she was cheating. T asked the kennel Mistress and her own about this and was told that due to certain circumstances and the fact that T wasn’t really from the city she was in nor roleplaying the game the city was, other than what her miss told her, that she wasn’t cheating and did the right thing.
    To this day T feels that she cheated a bit but also doesn’t regret doing so. T was returned to her Mistress that very same day and her Miss laughed as T talked to her out of character about the “feeling” she was starting to get again…..this was the same feeling that was waking up from deep inside her again in real life. The “thing” that she was always seacrching for but could never quite put her finger on it. This feeling, this thing, T knew was a part of her av and a part of her authors as well.
    T knew that she would never give up the part of her that had been sleeping for so long again. She talked with Mistress Kudu about this, the Mistress had real life experience as a slave and knew exactly what she felt and what she was missing. Miss Kudu’s and T’s game grew more and more intense…..
    Mistress Kudu rarely touched T mind you, T would be able to lick her feet in roleplay or be tied or caged up but that was it, but Miss Kudu was a master at the mindfuck…..the very same thing that T seemed to crave, the thing that unleased her inner self……

Chapter Thirteen: Tragedy and Hope
    One day T and her Mistress were working and playing the mind fuck game they both enjoyed so well. T mentioned that she was going out that night and since they were real life friends that maybe her Mistress could meet her for a drink. T explained that she would be with others who had no idea of this side of T and they both agreed to keep the game in the game.
    Mistress Kudu said she would promise nothing and T went ahead and went out that night. She went to the place she told Mistress Kudu she was going at the time she said she would be there. A male friend with T didn’t think twice about this mind you….. the female friend with T didn’t say anything to her but gave her a quizzical look.
    All the friends, both old and new sat down at a table together and chatted and talked. T was told to get some drinks and immediately forgot what was agreed upon and said “Yes My Mistress”. T didn’t even think about it, it was underneath the surface the entire time her and Mistress Kudu were sitting there, they both knew better, but it didn’t matter neither of them could keep the game in the game it seemed.   
    T would even kiss the glass when she handed her Mistress a drink, by now T’s female friend had noticed and had commented to T, the male friend was oblivious to the entire episode. T’s male friend had to leave and said his goodbyes. The three sat down and continued chatting but pandoras box had already been opened and Mistress Kudu did a small bit of in person mind fucking and T of course loved every minute of it.
  What happend happened that night happend, for better or for worse T would never be the same in RL or in SL, Mistress Kudu was even affected and after that night T never felt the same vibe with her Mistress that she once had and T knew her Miss was holding back but the truth be known, T was holding back as well.
    Maybe it was because T and Mistress Kudu were friends, maybe it was z’s friends, maybe they both longed for RL to happen but were holding back, T doesn’t know the what’s or why’s of it….. She does know that her and Mistress Kudo did nothing wrong, nothing illegal or immoral and that even if T could go back in time and change things she would not.
    Mistress Kudo once told Z these words of wisdom…. “Everything Happens As It Should”. There is a reason for it, we may not know it until long after but there IS a reason, a lesson to learn or to teach to someone else.
    It wasn’t long after that that T thought her days of second life were over and that she would leave the game. She even tried making a new Av and starting over again with new friends and going to new places. However it wasn’t the same and soon she gave up her alternate’s alternate personality and allowed her to die.  
    Within a week or so of T meeting her Miss in real life with friends along T talked with her Mistress heart to heart. T was trained Gorean her Mistress said but she was more af a BDSM slave and her Mistress knew it, not to mention T thinks that deep down inside they were both afraid of what would happen if they stayed together, they were both afraid that it might go to real life and due to certaincircumstances at the time neither of them could go that far. Before she knew it, T was released and a free woman in the World of Second Life once more.

Chapter Fouteen:
 Real Life & Second Life the start of an Addiction.

    By now That found some good friends on Second Life and didn’t wish to leave. She decided to stay, stay friends with her former Mistress and keep playing the game. T started running around again and meeting both good and bad people and playing with her friends. T would have a Mistress for a day or so then the Miss would disapear and T would once again be on her own.
     T didn’t know it but she was again searching for that certain feeling, the feeling that raced her heart and made her warm all over T needed what she thinks of as “IT”. T wasn’t getting IT in real life much or in SL
    T continued playing the game, continued running around and seeking new adventures. Growing, learning and becoming more and more her author. Durning this time is that the author was also becoming more and more T as well. The major change now was that T was spending more and more time on the game when she was not working. She even ate in front of her computer a few times T was becoming a Second Life addict.

Chapter Fifteen:
T’s New Mistress and how they came to be together.

    T was running around this certain SIM one day, she had met a vampire there one time and this vampire wanted to play with and use her then bite her but was called away by her Mistress before they could start.
    T was intrigued by this place but didn’t know why, was it the prison, the maze, the rooms full of cages and bondage toys, she didn’t know but she came back time and again to this place. She never seen that vampire again nor had she ever played with anyone there but the place still drew her to it.
    One day T was at this place, she received an IM from a woman. T checked this woman’s profile and seen she was a Vampire but T didn’t care, it had been over a week since she last played and quite frankly T was very horny at this point. T answered the call. The Mistress was very nice and was looking to meet and talk with T….. T seen her and walked up behined her and said “boo” both girls laughed and they talked for a bit. T suspected that this girl may bite her but she wasn’t sure nor did she really care. This new Miss intrigued her for some odd reason and when she offered to take her home T agreed.
    This new Mistress, Mistress Mindy T would later find out, teleported T to her home and T went, and found herself Teleported directly into a locked cage. This Mistress immediately went into roleplay and T followed suit. It didn’t take Mistress Mindy long to free her new slave and begin using her.
    T felt that familiar feeling once again rise up from within the depths of her soul, IT was back and bigger then ever. In the depths of passion T begged Mistress Mindys collar…. Mistress Mindy didn’t say much if T remembers correctly until after the session was over, then she asked her new slave T  if she was serious about being owned by her. T said yes not expecting much to be honest, she knew her new Mistress could make IT appear when she wished and she knew her Miss was a Vampire, T didn’t care. But T also didn’t know if she was the one T has been seeking.
    Chapter Sixteen: Mistress Mindy
    “A mediocre Mistress tells, a good Mistress teaches, an excellent Mistress explains, but a True Mistress inspires……….” (unknown)
    My Mistress Mindy inspires T. She is everything and T is putty in her hands, T hangs on her every word. To T Hell would be if her Mistress ever dismissed her, T cares for her Mistress both RL and SL therefore…..
    This will probably be either the longest or the shortest part of T’s story……Persons involved would know why *winks*, T will also skip several parts of this story for the same reason, something both herself and her Mistress both treasure……….privacy.
    Mistress Mindy and T didn’t see each other very much at first. There schedules either did not mesh or Miss Mindy wasn’t sure of T…. at first. But T persisted and was honestly trying to become Mistress Mindy’s girl…. One day, after a time, Mistress started to grow fond of T. This didn’t happen overnight mind you but rather gradually, for both of them. The two would play and talk and they popped in and out of roleplay so fast sometimes it was hard to know if they were playing or not. T grew very fond of her new Mistress as well and they started spending considerable time together.
    Mistress Mindy took T shopping one day and before she knew it her Mistress had bought her new skin, hair and clothes. T’s transformation into who she is today was almost complete.   
     T’s Miss was always trying to make T happy. T kept telling her Miss Mindy that what made her happy was serving her Mistress. T’s love of serving as a slave is what gave her, her “IT”. She also loved bondage and cages and was a glutten for punishment her Miss said, always begging for longer and more severe punishments.     One day her Mistress suprised her and took her to an auction house, it scared the hell out of poor little T as she thought for sure she would be sold…..her Mistress just laughed as T knelt on the auction house floor shaking. Mistress then took T elsewherefor some more play. T’s Mistress mentioned that maybe T should attend an auction to see what it was like. Her Mistress logged for the day leaving T alone.       
    Well T not ready to log herself decided to find an auction to attend. After much searching for an open auction house she found an open one. T promtly popped in and stood around watching the auction. There was only one girl being auctioned off that day but she was being auctioned off for a two week period of four hours per day as a slave and had very few limits. T’s eyes grew wide as the girls price grew and grew the bidding finally reaching over 4,000 Lindens. There was many people watching the auction including a man, VZ. Master VZ started talking to T and T being friendly as she is started talking back with him.
    Before long VZ was asking for friendship and being the charmer that he is T accepted. VZ right away asked if T was available and T told him no that she was owned by her Miss Mindy. T didn’t think much about it and over several days things seemed to go back to normal. Her love for her Miss grew during the coming days and the two shared many Real Life and Second Life secrets amongst themselves.
    Mistress Mindy even started using T as a remote control of sorts. She would give T orders that T was expected to follow in Real Life, and follow those orders T did, down to the smallest detail. T’s final transformation came about around this time as well. T’s Mistress bought her a new skin and hair and she told T these words T will NEVER forget “I want youto become the most beautiful slave in all of SL”.  
    Mistress Mindy even allowed one of T’s friends, Amanda, to set up her cages and such in her basement and play there with them so the girls could play in a safe place. Also during this time T picked up a slave of her own, Brian. T doesn’t exactly remember where she met Brian but soon she was using and teasing him as she had been used and teased. Life at the Castle seemed perfect.
    Now when T started this chapter she said it would either be the longest or the shortest in the story. T has left out many many things concerning her Mistress Mindy and thats beauseT doesn’t wish to give away her Second Life identity as T is still owned, to this day by her loving Mistress, but these days T also has a  secondary Miss’ but T gets ahead of herself, you will need to wait till she gets to that part of the story to find out why.

Chapter Seventeen:  Drama, Stalking and Second Life

    Not long after T met VZ he had started to try and convince T to leave her Mistress and become his slave. By now T cared for her Miss, both in RL and on SL and had quit running around for the most part and playing.
    T still had certain people she played with but prefered the company of her friends and her Mistress. But VZ was very persistant and a smooth talker. He ALMOST had T convinced to spend more time with him and his girl but very quickly things went sour.
    VZ tryed to trick and capture her several times in a matter of three days. VZ was stalking T……. Now T and her author realize that Second Life is just a game but it was actually quite frightening to T…. and her author, even if it was just in pixal form.     
    VZ also told T he was sending her Miss private bids to purchase her…. rumors got back to T and soon Amanda was involved, how and to what extent was she a pawn or the ringleader T still doesn’t know to this day…. See T’s Mistress Mindy had banned Amanda from her property as Amanda had been begging EVERYONE for Lindens……
    She had even begged T a time or two and T told her to stop begging and save her money but she didn’t listen and was banned for disobeying. Now Amanda should be happy that she was just banned as T’s Mistress had caught an intruder and force collard her and gave her away a few days earlier.
    The weird thing was she (MIss Mindy) gave this person
to VZ, they guy that started stalking her.
But it wasn’t her Miss fault that happend as T called VZ for her Miss when Miss Mindy was trying to give away the girl she captured at her home.
    Now this VZ was stalking T and telling her he was making private party bids to purchase her. Amanda was telling T how much VZ was bidding and T was also hearing information from others that she was for sale.
Well T panicked…she and her authorwere in tears and very freaked out. SO much so he asked Amanda to lock her up without IM which Amanda did.
    T spent over 12 hours of SL time in that cell alone, freaked out. She was addicted to SL and she was also letting the thing with VZ bother her, which she shouldn’t have but did as VZ had tried to capture her in an Out Of Character safe area (OOC safe area) but all T had to do was hide out for a few days and she would have been fine. Instead she freaked out had herself locked up and sent her Mistress frantic notes. All the while hearing rumors that her bidding had reached $100,000 Lindens.
VZ told her he bid that for her. So she belived him.
    Chapter Eighteen:  Mistress Mindy’s Decision
    When T’s Mistress Mindy did log she of course had no clue what had happend over the weekend while she was gone. She read all the notes listened to her slave babble nonstop. Then she told her slave that she cared for her and would never sell her. T’s Mistress had undone in 10 minutes what damage that VZ had spent days doing.
    T begged for restrictions from her Mistress, she cried and begged  both SL and RL…..she also begged that her Mistress never sell her. Her Mistress again calmed down her slave and reassured her that everything was alright.
    T had gone so far as report VZ over the weekend to Linden Labs about his harrasment but to this day she doesn’t know if anything was done. She does know that several of her friends and her Mistress were going to call this man VZ and have a chat with him.  
    T also doesn’t know if any calls were actually made or if they were what was said, T is a slave, she is content that since that happend that T has never heard from VZ again…..He tried one last time right before T was told calls were being made. After that T has never heard from him.
    T after a week started feeling a bit safer and even installed a HUD that could protect her. T was still jittery and her Mistress wouldn’t be logging on for a week so T begged her Mistress to put her up somewhere. T’s Mistress Mindy said yes but she wanted to approve of the place first. Her Mistress also rewrote T’s profile to her satisfation. T was restricted.
    T went looking around for a SIM, a special sim that would keep T a prisoner for her Mistress and also give T an opportunity to engage in a little safe roleplay as well.
    T looked at several places but none seemed to fit until….Until T wandered into The Queendom. A Special place that had a Queen and offered RLV capture roleplay.

Chapter Nineteen: The Queendom

    Now when T wandered intothe Queendom there was a special Mistress there Mistress Schon. z happend to wander in as another girl did and the nice Mistress offered to give both girls a tour after they put on the Queendoms cuffs. The girls both did and the roleplay started immediately. T was asked if she wanted to participate or watch, she chose watch as she wasn’t to sure about this new place yet.
    T watched in facination as this Mistress, this keeper, controlled this other girl…..T wanted this…..THIS place was the place z could stay while her Miss was away.
T just watched that night but T came back several times in the coming days finally getting a personal tour from the head guardess, the one who would later partially own T, Mistress Schon. Mistress Schon gave T 3 different options for the coming week with one of the options that T would be her personal pet.  
  T told her busy Miss the news the very next time she logged on and her Miss even took time out of her busy schedule and took a tour of the place asking many questionswhile there. Satisfied T and her Mistress spend the next two days together and talked and played and shared secrets….. just like they always did.
        One of the last things Mistress Mindy did was rent some new land and placed her castle there. T’s stalker had no idea on how to find T as long as she stayed at the castle or the Queendom.

Chapter Twenty: The Queedom and becoming a pet

        T’s Mistress Mindy thought that it would be a grand idea if T was a pet to Miss Schon. T reported to the Queendom Sunday night and started her week of being kept as a pet. At first T was aprehensive as she was nervous about serving a new Miss in a new place.
    T shared this with Mistress Schon and was told that she would be ok and that Mistress already knew that T’s Mistress Mindy would always come first and that T was safe at the Queendom. Mistress Schon even went as far as asking the Queen herself to ban the man that was stalking her. T spent that night serving at the Queendom, locked on Mistress Schons leash. That night T spent in Mistress Schons personal quarters in a member only section of the Queendom.
    The very next day T woke up falling….seems the Queen had deleted the building to rebuild it and didn’t realize T was sleeping there. T TPed home to Miss Mindys Castle before she hit the ground, thankful that Miss Schon removed Ts Queendom collar that would prevent her from leaving.
    T spent the day talking with friends and playing around the castle. When Mistress Schon logged on T immediately went to her at the Queendom and spent several hours dancing for and serving her well. Mistress Schon started growing found of T and asked if she could “remote control” T in RL, just as her Mistress Mindy did. T said yes and the sessions became more and more intense as the week went by.
    Everyday would be the same, T would check on the castle in the morning and shop or talk to friends and in the afternoon she would serve Mistress Schon….at night T would go dancing at one of the more popular rock clubs in SL. At night she would sleep at the Queendom or in her Miss Castle…. she missed her Miss Mindy but Mistress Schon was keeping T pretty busy when she was online.
    The week went by pretty fast and by that Friday T had spent over 16 hours at SL, she was way addicted and involved with the game and her sense of everything was getting screwed up and she didn’t even realize it.
    T was addicted to SL fully now….. Friday was another day at the Queendom and serving Mistress Schon, only since it was a weekend T and Mistress Schon played deep into the night and Mistress Schon asked if T would be able to play once her Miss Mindy came home.
    T was fond of Mistress Schon and liked playing but she loved her Mistress Mindy so said she would ask if Mistress Schon would accept a part-time collar. Mistress Schon agreed and they went on and played most of the weekend. By Sunday morning her Mistress Mindi had returned to SL. T just about attacked her she missed her so much and her Mistress laughed…..
    Mistress Mindy was so happy the way T was working out she said it was a great idea for T to serve Miss Schon as a part-time slave and join in more Queendom activities. Miss Mindy could not stay long that first day but T quickly told her Miss Schon the news….
    Mistress Schon accepted T’s collar and even gave her a promotion in the Queendom….. this promotion came with T’s own luxury private suite. T was a good girl and accepted happily.
    Another change came over T the week she spent as Mistress Schons pet…. T became part Neko and grew ears and a tail…. her Mistress Mindy just laughed when she saw it.

Chapter Twenty-one
 Second Life addictions and Real Life Thoughts

    By now T was spending almost every waking moment on SL. Her RL was falling apart she felt and when she went to SL she actually felt special and loved. T was serving her Miss’ and her Mistress Mindy even bought a new castle that T’s sexi sis started remodeling and adding onto.
    Now Ts Mistress Mindy is very smart and picked up that something was wrong with T and that she needed to limit herself…..she was being consumed by a game and it needed to stop.
    Mistress Mindy had a long talk with T…. at first T didn’t wish to ackowledge the problem but after even Miss Schon noticed and said something and both her Miss’ were worrying RL about her and going as far as logging on to check on T, well T noticed as well. Her and Mistress Mindy had another long talk and and Mistress Schon did as well. Between the two Misses T KNEW, she KNEW she was loved and lucky, even if it is a game with AV’s and EMOTES…. The authors all cared for each other… least in T’s little circle they did.
    T agreed to limit herself on the game and although its hard some days she still does limit herself even now…… It has taken weeks to write this much and T is sure she missed some parts and yes there are even more parts to go…. the story isn’t done yet.
    T’s RL life never did get back on track, in fact as of this here sentance T has lost someone very dear to her…… it seems that bad luck follows T in RL but she has awesome luck in SL……. Now you can see one of the causes of her continuing addiiction to this game. Yes I still limit myself,. some days are easier than others.
    In RL T has become much quieter than she used to be.
she only talks when she must in real life and has become much shyer than she used to be. In SL she is open and talkative…..
    See the economy has hit T hard, she lost a very good job somewhere along the lines of this story and then she could only find a temorary position…… well temp is temp and soon she was working at a new job…. it wasn’t great but it paid……..then her hours were cut and today, the day T wrote this the economy had hit her again, her position had been eliminated and along with it she had become unemployed again.
    Finishing this story and getting it out is very important to T you see…… T could prolly write better and the story could flow better but this way you are getting the authors thoughts, fears, dreams, everything.
    Don’t worry Mistress Kuda once told T that everything happens as it should. Perhaps T deserves what is going on in her rl so she will continue to come here, to SL to escape her rl horrors that never seem to end. She will of course limit herself.

Chapter Twenty-Two An Ending?

    T has skipped so much of this story and even glossed over some quickly, she could write pages and pages of material about her adventures since her episode at the Queendom…..
    T still serves both Mistresses and has alot of good friends. She doesnt go out dancing like she did as she is sad in rl but doesnt wish to cry anymore. She still feels her life falling apart around her like leaves falling off of the trees in the Fall.
     Will this be the end of T and her adventures……. as T’s author i cannot say……. I can say with all certanty that if it is T will miss each and everyone of you and that her Mistress Mindy will always be in Ts heart. T will also think often of the good times she had with Miss Schon…….. and she also will have  a place very near her heart.

For now T and her author wish you well…….. remember real life and go there often…… don’t become a slave to a game, any game.
And most importantly remember that there are real live people behined these AVs and even though we are all pixals on a screen we all have feelings so make love not war.

Chapter Twenty-Three- The end of the Queendom and a new begining for T

    Alot has happend since t last wrote, in fact she ended up with writers block and this story is true….. t’s thoughts have been jumbled and sometime after her last entry the Queendom she so loved went away for good. t doesn’t agree with all the reasons this happend but happend it did and t found herself with much time on her hands again.
    The good news is t got a part-time, with permission of course, as a dancer at a new place that opened up in SL. She hasn’t had the opportunity very often to go dance there but is hoping that once the attendance numbers pick up she will be able to go workl more often. t really doesn’t need the money on SL, her Mistress Mindy still spoils her girls and gives T money even after T asks her not to….. T doesn’t shop much anymore except for friendly things like pirannhas…… but sometimes T will see something she thinks she needs like a new outfit. The pirannha thing is an inside joke that some of you will find very funny and others will scratch your heads and wonder what t is talking about *smiles*.
    The bad news is that t’s Miss accidently found a side of her she didn’t realize she lost, she submitted herself…. as you can imagine with different SL schedules and rl time zones that caused quite the misunderstandings and drama for a few days…. t and her Miss both feel responsible for it until Miss Schon chewed us both out one late afternoon. Now things are getting back to normal….. z even has a new pet… a girl named Sara and is pleased with her so far. Sara is quite the slave and z grows closer to her every day. ;)

    Some of the misunderstandings still need to be worked out with some people and they will, in time……and adjustments will have to be made, but as we and our authors grow that is the way of things and T is happy that things may even be for the better for all involved.
     Ts old Miss wanted her to come back to her, someplace safe from the emotions as T knows her rl. T decided that she would try and do what is right so these days T practices her dom side more and enjoys the limited times she has with both her Misses. She knows her Miss Mindy is a switch, the hardest thing to come to terms with as far as T is concerned but it can also be the most rewarding as well.
     Ts life has even started getting a bit better, she will very soon be reenrolled in college and has a new position, its not the best and has weird hours but it will pay her bills hopefully and she can get her advanced degree.


    T has of course skipped plenty in this story ad have left some people’s names out entirely, she did this on purpose, not because she doesn’t care but because she does and again she wishes to keep as much private as she can. T has come to terms with life much better now, both rl and sl. Both tend to start intertwining and emotions escape on both sides. Feelings are hurt and relationships made and broken. I as Ts author have myself grown rl because of this game but also because of this game i have learned to sometimes step back, stay away, keep busy rl so I will not come here. This game is like a drug…. the more you get the more you wish for. T and her author both understand this now and will try very hard not to be addicted anymore….. Have I made rl friendships because of SL. yes and I have exchanged recipes from people in other countries and learned much about their culture as well.
    SL is suppose to be about fun, an escape from reality but reality tends to follw people around and before they know it they are caught up in the moment, sometimes forgetting that behined every av their is a person with feelings thoughts and dreams…. T will not every forget this anymore and she will conduct her self as she would rl….she will make mistakes, we all do, but she will at least attempt to stand up when she makes them and say that was me…I am sorry.
Is T’s story over……. No I dont think so…… will things change once again in the future, yes I am sure of it….the future is ever changing and as avs and the avs authors we should prepare for it as best as possible……

I wish to thank Miss Mindy, Miss Schon and Lady Kudu for giving me the inspiration to write this story…….
I will forever be in your debt.

I will leave you with a thought…….
WIthout rain there can be no sunshine, without pain there can be no pleasure, everything in your life, or second life, has two sides a light side and a dark side, without one the other cannot exsist. Embrace them, learn from them both, grow, as an av and as a person.

  This girl wishes you all safe paths.

Love you all


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  2. Z says:

    The story is true and how I felt AT THAT TIME. I have growen much since then but the story stands as merit on MY feelings and emotions when I wrote it……
    I was the first….when I started blogging about SL not many were blogging about anything other then their online store they had created….Since then I have found several people doing what I do, in their own way of course, and I like to think that just maybe I was one of the reasons they decided to share…..I am pleased you enjoyed the story……be well

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    Thank you for the nice thoughts
    I do remember LOTS of people from SL and actually CARE for my real friends there….
    I have been MORE then busy with real life keeping VERY long days (yesterday, 3-1-12, was a 14 hour day of working for me) so I decided to ‘take a break until Spring’ on working on the blog….
    No worries I have many ideas and no matter how much I would LIKE to maybe slow down or stop writing sometimes I always seem to write stuff down and the next thing you know I have posted MORE STUFF!!!!!
    So more writings are on the way…you just hafta be patient with me!!!
    See you in the Spring, if not sooner

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  12. Z says:

    There is no updates on my story…
    However come June 24th I will have been in SL 4 years
    so the story composes mostly of my first year in SL…
    I could technically write 3 more years worth of stories.
    However, the remander of my SL, however long that may be,
    will be confidential to all except a trusted few.

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